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On the way to Zion National Park, Sweetours will take you through the amazing Arizona Strip, with the view as impressive as the one from the floor of the Grand Canyon, but without a few thousand feet hike to see it. The Arizona Strip provides an ideal combination of beauty and accessibility. While at Zion you will view the stunning scenery, the spectacular network of colorful canyons, forested mesas, and fascinating deserts, sandstone cliffs that are among the highest in the world, diverse plant and animal communities, and Ancestral Puebloan, Paiute and Mormon pioneer history. This park has a stunning beauty which has often been compared to paradise or Yosemite of Southwest. The tour duration is approximately 11+ hours.

This tour operates only on Tuesdays.

The Zion National Park bus tour offers:
- Courtesy hotel pick-up and drop-off
- Each tour offers a nutritional morning snack with juice and water and a delicious lunch.
- Unlimited supply of bottled water.

Recommendations: Comfortable shoes for walking. Limited wheelchair access. Cooler temperatures with higher elevation.


3162 W. Teco Ave
Las Vegas, NV
US 89118

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