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Paradox Experience

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Step into a world of wonder at Paradox Las Vegas, the newest entertainment destination in the iconic Showcase Mall on the Las Vegas Strip. As the third Paradox experience in the United States, it promises an unforgettable journey of discovery spanning 11,000 square feet.

Prepare to challenge your senses with 90 interactive exhibits designed to surprise, inspire, and entertain guests of all ages. Embark on a 60 to 90-minute adventure filled with unbelievable photos and unforgettable memories.

Among the highlights is the Reverse Room, where participants defy gravity and surrender to a topsy-turvy world where everything is upside down. Watch as perception is distorted and reality is turned on its head in this mind-bending attraction.

Then, step into the Infinity Room, a mesmerizing space where guests are surrounded by an endless array of mirrors, creating the illusion of stepping into the infinite. Lose yourself in the reflections and explore the boundaries of perception in this captivating experience.

Paradox Las Vegas is open to visitors of all ages and welcomes groups of all sizes, making it the perfect destination for families, friends, and anyone seeking a truly unique and immersive adventure on the Las Vegas Strip.

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Paradox Museum

3767 Las Vegas Blvd Ste. 200
Las Vegas, NV
US 89109

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