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Experience a new Awakening as the dazzling spectacle at Wynn Las Vegas returns to live performances with new characters, costumes, choreography, original music, and a thrilling new story – all set in one of the most technologically immersive theaters ever designed. You will be awestruck by every gasp-inducing moment of this reimagined production, from soaring aerialists and bounding acrobats to the comedic moments that bring a lighthearted balance to Awakening’s compelling tale. At the heart of this mythic adventure, a hero must confront the forces of Light and Darkness in a quest to save the world, and in doing so encounters a fascinating assortment of characters — including oversized, fantastical creatures designed by award-winning puppet master Michael Curry, that captivate with their graceful, lifelike movements. Awakening takes place on a 60-foot, 360-degree prismatic stage, a true architectural marvel that undulates and expands as the characters move with ease. The show’s narration is provided by Anthony Hopkins. Every element of this spectacular production has been conceived by a trio consisting of some of the most renowned creatives in the entertainment industry: legendary producer Bernie Yuman, producer/director Baz Halpin, and Curry, the award-winning puppet master who also serves as one of Awakening’s producers. The result is a must-see Las Vegas event that revolutionizes the live theater experience.

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Wynn Las Vegas

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